What It’s Like Inside The Mind Of Someone Depressed - Wentworth Miller's awareness video on World Suicide Prevention day
Wentworth Miller's raises awareness for World Suicide Prevention day with his video
It’s hard for people to understand what it’s like to be inside the mind of someone dealing with depression. Truth be told, it can be hard for the person actually dealing with it to understand what is going on in their own mind. But a viral video is shedding light on what it’s like to live with depression in the hopes of erasing the stigma and it comes from none other than the captain Cold himself. (Wentworth Miller)

It's All About Stephen King’s Top 20 Rules For Writers
Stephen King The New York Times' bestselling novelist opens up about his writing mojo and his formula for learning to write well
Stephen King, The The New York Times' bestselling novelist's has sold over 350 million copies worldwide which is way more than records sold by The Rolling Stones. King’s manual on Writing reveals that although he loves and works at his craft, he doesn’t always stick to his own rules—but at least knowing them is a good place to start. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up with fans like Annie Wilkes. Looking for inspiration for your next big writing project? Then this is a must read article for you and It's all about Stephen King’s top 20 rules For writers

Remember the Meta-humans from CW Network's The Flash ! Well they are for real but not all. Genetic mutations are the instrument by which nature adds new variations to life. If the mutations give rise to advantageous traits, they get passed down through successive generations and can spread throughout the entire population of a species.
10 Amazing Powers Humans Gained From Rare Genetic Mutations
Compared to many other species, all humans have incredibly similar genomes. However, even slight variations in our genes or environments can cause us to develop traits that make us unique. These differences can manifest in ordinary ways, such as through hair color, height, or facial structure, but occasionally, a person or population develops a characteristic that distinctly sets them apart from the rest of the human race.

What’s the last book that moved you? That made you laugh or cry or completely reconsider your thoughts on life or love? Those are always the books that stick with me. When I come across a book that truly impacted me I can often remember the intricate details of where I bought it or who gave it to me. Sometimes when I’m in a certain mood, reading a favorite book can help heighten the depth of emotion. Here are a few great books and the perfect kind of mood to read them in.
12 Great Books that Fuel the Mood of the Hour
You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend. –Paul Sweeney


A New Study found organic crops to be 17 percent more antioxidants rich and less on Pesticides Residue compared to conventionally grown crops

A New Study found organic crops to be 17 percent more antioxidants rich and less on Pesticides Residue compared to conventionally grown crops
The Debate on Organic Food does make sense!
A new Research on the healthiness of Organic crops revealed a major finding over the healthiness of Organic crops over the ones grown commercially. The Study Carried out by the Newcastle University over results collected from over 343 International published studies found out the significant percentage of antioxidant and pesticide residue difference between the organic produced crops and the commercially produced crops. The study revealed a major 17 percent more presence of antioxidants on an average in organic foods, while certain crops like cereals showed an incredible 69% higher antioxidant level when compared to commercially grown foods.


Chronic Stress causes Memory Loss due to Release of the Stress Hormones Cortisol which causes Brain Plasticity due to formation of white matter in the Brain 

Suffering From Memory Loss Blame it on Stress and cortisol | Neuroscience and cognitive Memory
Often good students lose out in academics due to stress and poor memory problems
Have you been frequently forgetting things at work? Has your Short term memory power reduced drastically ? Well you have got a culprit to blame it on and it's none other than Stress which accompanies everyone of us, be it a student, teacher, moms, dads or any working professional everyone suffers from stress and now is the time you treat it before your memory loss problems become permanent because if you don't treat stress then it's going to only cause loss in whatever thing you are doing. Stress is one thing that people often ignore because it's effects are often overshadowed by the workload or pressure. but after reading this recent finding you will be alarmed as to why some people have hair loss, blood pressure problems, obesity, digestion problems, poor memory and most of all why our brains weather at old age.


Chimpanzees our Human counterparts Outperform us in simple strategy games involving short term memory skills and anticipating game theory moves beforehand

So how the chimps outsmart humans in simple strategy games
When the Chimps get down to business !
If you were convinced after Pearl Jam's popular hit Evolution that Humans have outsmarted all species from the past and evolved as the supreme race in every field than you need to hold your horses till your read this. For several decades scientists have been testing our human counterparts chimpanzees and testing them in various fields to come up with cognitive breakthroughs as although humans have evolved tremendously they are unable to bit the apes in simple games. Research has it when human players are pit against chimpanzees in simple strategy games the later have always outsmarted them by predicting their moves beforehand. In fact the chimpanzees displayed a similar win record and pattern as portrayed in Game Theory displaying a perfect illustration of Nash Equilibrium. Let's check out how these apes from whom we have evolved are able to beat us in simple strategy games even after decades of human evolution has passed.

NASA created another successful space communication marvel by successfully transmitting a HD video using laser communication from space station to the Earth's surface.
OPAL payload attached to International space station allows data transfer upto 50 MB/sec using Laser transmission | NASA
OPAL payload attached to International space station allows data transfer upto 50 MB/sec using Laser transmission | NASA
Remember those sci-fi movies where in information travelled superfast using laser communication including spaceship propulsion using laser lights?  Well the journey into that sci fi world has already started and the very first success has come in form of laser communication wherein NASA on 5th June 2014, successfully transmitted a high definition video message from International space station to the Earth's surface with perfect accuracy. The fete was achieved by NASA's project OPAL (Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science) which transferred the 175 megabit video message from space station several miles above the Earth's surface. This development will bring in major inroads in the field of data transmission and future deep space explorations. Let's see how this OPAL experiment works and what it holds in for us in the future and also how this laser transmission works.


Research Reveals the connection between sleep and memory and how one can improve their Memory with a Good Night Sleep

The mechanism by which sleep improves learning and memory has been discovered by scientists.
The mechanism by which sleep improves learning and memory has been discovered by scientists.
The Mystery that has been revolving around sleep and memory for ages for a improved learning and memory has been finally discovered by the scientists. The New research reveals the formation of synapses that is connection between brain cells witnessed during a good night's sleep however not to confuse with word sleep and take it lightly because it isn't the amount of sleep you take but it's the type of sleep you take and the deprivation of this type of sleep can affect one's long term memory as well as health issues which lead to various scary ailments and diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart problems etc. While this special type of sleep is required you can't ignore the normal good night sleep because that to plays crucial roles in healing your body,relieving fatigue,etc and ignoring it would lead to serious health problems.


The critical Battlefield Medical First Aid Tool finds Home in a Kitchen Retail Williams-Sonoma, by Revmedx

Xstats a Revolutionary new tool for Medics in saving lives in battlefields by using it to stop gunshot wounds in seconds
Xstats a Revolutionary new tool for Medics in saving lives in battlefields by using it to stop gunshot wounds in seconds
In a battlefield the very next thing that you need apart from weapons and support is a critical medical pack that includes several life saving first aids and in such a case the most common occurrence of gunshot wounds becomes a critical part of surviving someone and guess what now you can plug gunshot wounds in seconds with a plug that was inspired by an idea that found it's home in a kitchen retail named Williams-Sonoma where you can find great kitchen stuff but the idea got a kickstart after the revolutionary medical technology company Revmedx discovered the very idea and went ahead for the prototype after one of their co-founders Dr. Ken Gregory discovered a potential medical tool in the form of a compressed kitchen sponge.