The critical Battlefield Medical First Aid Tool finds Home in a Kitchen Retail Williams-Sonoma, by Revmedx

Xstats a Revolutionary new tool for Medics in saving lives in battlefields by using it to stop gunshot wounds in seconds
Xstats a Revolutionary new tool for Medics in saving lives in battlefields by using it to stop gunshot wounds in seconds
In a battlefield the very next thing that you need apart from weapons and support is a critical medical pack that includes several life saving first aids and in such a case the most common occurrence of gunshot wounds becomes a critical part of surviving someone and guess what now you can plug gunshot wounds in seconds with a plug that was inspired by an idea that found it's home in a kitchen retail named Williams-Sonoma where you can find great kitchen stuff but the idea got a kickstart after the revolutionary medical technology company Revmedx discovered the very idea and went ahead for the prototype after one of their co-founders Dr. Ken Gregory discovered a potential medical tool in the form of a compressed kitchen sponge.
Xstat the medical tool that plugs gunshot wounds in seconds
Xstat the tool that plugs gunshot wounds in seconds
The simple compressed and dried sponge on wetting with water would spring back to normal size, this lit Dr Ken Gregory's imagination of discovering an idea for military medics in saving precious lives from gunshot wounds. Basically the gunshot wounds are critical but the main factor here is the bleeding factor and the way they are plugged using medical protocols might cause the person to bleed out, so what researchers did is they came up with Xstat that is injecting small sponge type discs soaked in anti-hemorrhaging solution into the bleeding wounds which expand rapidly in about few seconds expanding 10 times larger in size and thereby stopping any further bleeding. The working idea was a medical version of the product "Fix-a-Flat", the foam you squirt in punctured tires to plug up a hole.

Dr Ken's lightbulb moment has certainly given medics a new hope of saving many precious lives on the battlefield as they get a similar weapon like a mines which you can plug in once and forget just like this new tool which will come out as a major boon in saving many soldiers lives by saving drop of blood with the revolutionary new tool Xstat . The new tool Xstat has been ordered by military paramedics while it undergoes production in Revmedx and will be available by years end. Weapons are surely great when it comes to defending on the battlefield but it's the medics who survive the wounded and increase the chances of reviving soldiers and this new tool Xstats will surely be a boon in saving many lives be it a soldier or a cop or a wounded animal, a new hope is born from the sponges which no one thought could be a lifesaver apart from being used for household chores!

A look at the tool Xstats that Plugs Gunshot wounds in Seconds

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