Chimpanzees our Human counterparts Outperform us in simple strategy games involving short term memory skills and anticipating game theory moves beforehand

So how the chimps outsmart humans in simple strategy games
When the Chimps get down to business !
If you were convinced after Pearl Jam's popular hit Evolution that Humans have outsmarted all species from the past and evolved as the supreme race in every field than you need to hold your horses till your read this. For several decades scientists have been testing our human counterparts chimpanzees and testing them in various fields to come up with cognitive breakthroughs as although humans have evolved tremendously they are unable to bit the apes in simple games. Research has it when human players are pit against chimpanzees in simple strategy games the later have always outsmarted them by predicting their moves beforehand. In fact the chimpanzees displayed a similar win record and pattern as portrayed in Game Theory displaying a perfect illustration of Nash Equilibrium. Let's check out how these apes from whom we have evolved are able to beat us in simple strategy games even after decades of human evolution has passed.

The Simple Game: Showdown between Chimpanzees and Humans

Check out what happened when the chimps and Humans challenged each other to a game | smart apesChimps vs Humans
Well as you might already know humans use less than 2% of their cognitive skills and that usage area has constantly been challenged and is diminishing due to increasing technology usage and in such a case finding a quick breakthrough can solve the problem and the solution lies in the very experiment performed on our ancestors Chimpanzees. To test this Scientists used a simple game of mismatch and matching (Inspection Game) where in the opponents much choose either mismatch or match pairs to win and in order to do that they have to remember their opponents previous objects and change their strategies accordingly. Quite a familiar game from the lumosity labs which tests your memory skills and reaction time with only difference of multiplayer system and a concept of mismatch and match for the two opponents as they have to choose any one of them . 

tHE simple game of mismatch and matching (Inspection Game) used to experiment the cognitive skills of Chimps against Humans
The simple game of mismatch and matching (Inspection Game) used to experiment the cognitive skills of Chimps against Humans
The Game was tested with 12 adult men from Bossou (Guinea), chimpanzees from Kyoto University Primate Research Institute and 16 Japanese students with the help of touch panel systems along with game payoffs with each game lasting for 200 rounds. Results were astonishing, Chimps outsmarted their fellow human competitors, reaching the theoretical limit of how many times the game can be won in a row, displaying an almost perfect Nash Equilibrium Concept from Game Theory.
Nash Equilibrium states that Players fate is set into equilibrium when both the players know each others next move, there by gaining nothing from their moves

Check out the Chimps playing the Inspection Games Against the Humans!

Warning: We lost horribly to the Kingdom of Apes ! 
The research carried out by the California Institute of Technology found that Humans displayed a deviation of 135, while Chimpanzees displayed a mere fraction of 0.20 challenging the limit for the number of wins in a game.

The Findings and How the Chimps Outsmart Humans in Every single Game

The Findings displayed facts about Chimps, our ancestors which we humans have lost during evolution but can be a clue to unlocking cognitive skills in humans just like in the Movie Dawn of the planet of Apes but just the opposite way. Experiments displayed these Key Features in Chimpanzees.
Chimpanzees Amazing Skill sets that Beat us in Memory and Strategizing 
  • Amazing Short Term Memory
  • Highly Competitive Nature
  • Non Verbal Communication
  • Spontaneous Reaction Time
  • Excellent Working Memory
  • Superb Pattern Recognition Skills
Well if you thought Chimps are dumb than this should make that belief a goner as these particular skills sets beat us in simple games. Chimpanzees amazing short term memory allowed them to remember their opponents previous moves which are further used and combined with their pattern recognition skills making their moves easier to decide and strategize while their highly competitive nature when compared to humans cooperating nature made them faster learners of the game. Meanwhile their excellent working memory , non verbal communication added to their spontaneous reaction times with amazing strategizing and anticipation of opponents next move with the help of retention of patterns and History from previous moves. And also it wasn't like the humans pit against these chimps were unaware of the game infact they all knew these small games. Well with all these amazing cognitive skills chimps surely outsmart humans at memorizing and strategizing with ease bringing the wisdom of stone age to man's diminishing cognitive skills and one might fear the Kingdom of Ape rising Again but this time to the help of mankind.

Watch as the Apes Challenge their Cognitive Skills

Check out in battle against Apes vs Humans who was the smartest ! | Cognitive Science
Looks like we have an Answer Now !

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