Chronic Stress causes Memory Loss due to Release of the Stress Hormones Cortisol which causes Brain Plasticity due to formation of white matter in the Brain 

Suffering From Memory Loss Blame it on Stress and cortisol | Neuroscience and cognitive Memory
Often good students lose out in academics due to stress and poor memory problems
Have you been frequently forgetting things at work? Has your Short term memory power reduced drastically ? Well you have got a culprit to blame it on and it's none other than Stress which accompanies everyone of us, be it a student, teacher, moms, dads or any working professional everyone suffers from stress and now is the time you treat it before your memory loss problems become permanent because if you don't treat stress then it's going to only cause loss in whatever thing you are doing. Stress is one thing that people often ignore because it's effects are often overshadowed by the workload or pressure. but after reading this recent finding you will be alarmed as to why some people have hair loss, blood pressure problems, obesity, digestion problems, poor memory and most of all why our brains weather at old age.
To test the relationship between stress and memory loss, scientists conducted a series of cognitive tests on mice while injecting them with the stress hormone cortisol and the effects were not only internal but also visible as the injected mice became obese and showed increase in formation of white matter in the brain affecting their short term memory drastically and not only that prolonged dosage of stress hormone cortisol made the effects permanent. Well some of you might ask why rats? Well the answer is their brain is very similar to humans so they are often used as test subjects. So what happened? and how is cortisol related to our memory loss and other related diseases like blood pressure, obesity etc, let's find out.

How is Stress related to Memory Loss

How is stress related to memory loss and how you can improve your memory using the neuroscience and cognitive studyStress and Memory
The word Cortisol you have been hearing a lot is a hormone that is released by our adrenal glands when under pressure or stress and is also called the stress hormone. Generally small amount of stress that is a small release of cortisol hormone doesn't cause any harm but an excess or prolonged release of this hormone causes the formation of white matter in the brain, a type of neuroplasticity between the axons decreasing the neurosensitivity between dendrites which are responsible for formation of memories. This hormone not only decreases your short term memory but also inhibits the proper functioning of other hormones resulting in increased blood pressure and body weight which is quite obvious as your brain loses important neuron networks and becomes the dead white matter resulting in brain shrinkage and distortion of important brain functions resulting in weakened immunity system and breakdown of entire body structure mainly bone, muscles and other joint tissues which is quite a general observance in older adults as their lifestyle becomes more tenser and hostile.

White Matter in Brain is nothing but the dead part of the brain taken over by our unhealthy lifestyle and is cause of memory, Cognition and Psychiatric Disorders

Cortisol the Hormone responsible for Stress and Memory loss!

Here's a summary of major scientific breakthroughs and the relationship between Stress hormones and Memory loss and the mechanism involved :
  • Whenever our body is under stress or sometime of danger, it releases cortisol telling the brain that the body needs attention thereby increasing the speed and neural activity in the nervous system. However the release of cortisol is quite small and doesn't affect the body as it gets neutralized by the increased electrical activity in the neurons. An example would be remembering your strict teachers face when you haven't done their given homework or remembering a bad past.  

Why not Just eliminate Cortisol?

Well you can't! Cortisol is produced naturally by our body and is also responsible for our spider senses, I mean our alertness to make decisions quickly to a response or danger

  • Although small quantities of cortisol is helpful in increasing one's alertness, it's prolonged exposure of production in the body inhibits the very cause converting alertness into unhealthy stress reducing electrical activity in the neurons affecting the prefrontal cortex responsible for short term memory and affecting other functions in the brain as an increased levels of this hormone cause havoc in the neural system converting several million neuron systems to convert to white matter in brain thereby affecting both your short term and long term memory.
  • Apart from memory problems since it's a stress hormone it causes one to get a lot more anxious and irritated on small things and affecting the person at various emotional levels which start showing up as they start binging on junk food, decreased social interaction, fear of going to public places and most of all reduces immunity with prolonged release of cortisol causing joint and muscle problems especially in old age.
Excess release of Cortisol inhibits the power of formation of neuron cells made of oligodendrocytes responsible for memory and nervous network and activity

How to Improve Your Memory and Get rid of Stress -5 ways

How to Improve Your Memory and Get rid of Stress in simply 5 ways | change your lifeStress Free Learning!
Well it's obvious that you would like to know if you can protect yourself from cortisol and indirectly protect yourself from memory loss and other health related problems and I am glad to answer yes you can! But before that remember cortisol is not the enemy but it's prolonged release is the enemy so in order to protect your memory take a note of the following:
  1. Never leave stress untreated as it's the major cause behind all the big diseases, it doesn't matter if you are a kid, student, housewife or a working professional or a old timer, a timely visit to psychiatrist will keep you stress free and away from these ailments
  2. Exercise !!! Yes exercise helps both body and mind to produce fresh juice that rejuvenates the nervous system especially the neuron network in the nervous system and brain keeping stress releasing hormones at bay. ☻
  3. Get a balanced diet. Diet plays an important role in providing the necessary and important nutrients to our body like the omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins,Vitamin B12 and folic acid & minerals etc which is found in abundant in brain foods like walnuts and fish and provide necessary juice to the body to fight all these uncool diseases. Also make sure to keep yourself away from junk, high cholesterol and high fat diet which gives nothing good to the body.
  4. Have a Proper Sleep schedule. Sleep is directly related to stress and memory as it decides one's mood the next day as it rejuvenates the whole body with new produced and repaired cells. Use naps judiciously between long working hours to relax yourself.
  5. Have Fun with a healthy lifestyle! If you stick to good values there's no way anything bad can be produced on the inside and that's where lifestyle comes in, enjoy your life, Meditate, read books, drink a small glass of wine, have laughter sessions with friends and family, learn new skills or a language, challenge your brain, have an adventure, take anger management course, forgive or forget old grudges, start smiling, take up an old pursuit, stay away from bad people and habits and most of all share your feeling and problems with your close friends and family and work towards a solution and not towards stress.

Just adopt these mind boosting and stress relieving techniques into your lifestyle and I bet all those scary diseases like Dementia, Alzheimer's, Obesity, Blood pressure, etc will get stressed out of your life ! Remember "Stress hormones leads to weathering of the brain," Live your life and be Happy with a good stress free memory ! ♥ 

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