A New Technology Marvel with ability to touch Objects Virtually on screen using texture modification

A New Technology Marvel with ability to touch Objects Virtually on screen using texture modification using Fujistsu tablets
Fujitsu tablets with sense touch textures of onscreen objects.
New Fujitsu tablets allows its users the ability to sense the textures of the onscreen objects which is a great technological prototype invention. The technology used is called Haptic technology which utilizes the sense of touch feature of tablets to analyze the vibrations, forces  etc applies on the screen and performs the respective actions.The technology is still in it's initial stages and the amount of development it can do is just unimaginable. Let's check out it's possible usages for the future and a small demo of the technology.

Feeling like Tony Stark of Ironman

Have you seen the technology of creating objects with simple touch, removing them and creating them without using actually using any actual matter from the movie Ironman and similar tech manifestations have been seen in various sci-fi movies. But with the Haptic technology developing more and more these things will no longer be any movie scenes but actual reality which will make note taking, researching, searching a lot easier.
Feeling like Tony Stark of Ironman with Haptic technology

Bad ass Blood and Veins Security Innovation

You probably thought the Fujitsu tablet will obviously use fingerprint as security parameter but have you thought what if someone cut your hand off ? lol ! Well Fujitsu takes care of that thing as well by using it's blood in veins technology which analyzes the users veins so in case someone even if cut your hands off they won't be able to access your system as your cutout limbs won't have any blood flowing. Pretty cool right ! But I would try to avoid such situations. :D
Bad ass Blood and Veins Security Innovation in fujitsu tablets

A boost for the Blind and eye patients 

Until now blind people usually were not accepted quite frequently into the technology world as they can't access them without sound recognition but guess what now with the haptic technology acting well on technology devices, the blind will be able to touch and feel objects and books without having to use braille. In short the sense of touch that serves as the vision for the blind will now be available on mobile devices.
A boost to the Blind and eye patients with haptic technology

A Potential advancement in Educational Fields

Just imagine overcoming your fear of touching animals, studying medical science, herbs, and numerous educational activities which will now be available to students on their tablets. No more boring lectures, instead a fun interactive study environment that students have always longed for just like in the Harry Potter movies.
harry potter newspapers a reality with fujitsu haptic technology

Endless Possibilities with Haptic Technology

Just imagine being able to play and feel the strings of the guitar, solving murder mysteries without even going to the crime scene, A harry potter inspired gif type books and pdfs, ability to become like Tony Stark, etc well the list is long and the limit is just how much one can imagine and integrate the idea using haptic technology.

A look at the Fujitsu "Feel the Texture" Technology

Hope you had fun reading this technology wonder. If you have any ideas related to this techno wonder or something related then do share it in the comments section below. See yaa until next time. 

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