how to become a successful studentc'mon you can do it!
Every student wishes to be a successful student and why not becoming successful means loads of good things like great academic results,occasional parties, gifts, success, jobs, adventure and more. Well we thought of sharing these 10 very effective rules by which anyone can become a successful top grade student. By following these small 10 goals daily we guarantee you a minimum of 9-10 GPA. So kick up your heels and just follow these ten rules.

  • Get a Mastery of Subject - Have you ever thought the things you are reading are just an application of some great man's work who used thousands of parameters, equations and countless hours to develop this thing which you are reading. So respect the man's work and try to be perfect in its application.
get a mastery of subject
  • Solve at least 10 problems daily- Have you ever realized how class toppers are able to answer questions before hand in class and who actually don't work that much hard. Well this rule is the answer. Just solve 5-10 problems daily from every subject and you won't even know when you ran out of questions with exams haven't yet started.
solve 10 questions daily
  • Daily read the taught things in class - This thing is very crucial because what happens when you are learning new concepts and forgetting the old one's then there comes a time when you have to mix them both and you fail as a result your self confidence goes for a toss. So in order to avoid that follow this rule.
daily read the taught things in class
  • Daily scan old stuff Taught- This might look like the repetition of previous rule but its different here you just give a glimpse on your past one weeks read things which actually boosts your memory plus its super easy because all you have to do is just scan.
quick revision board for everyday revision
  • Daily innovate, research or write something - Now as you keep studying there might be chances of boredom because your mind is not opening up to varieties of knowledge. So in order to avoid boredom challenge your brain in doing new things. This also helps in improving your all rounder knowledge.
innovate , read and enjoy along with studies
  • Apply the Taught Things- This rule right here is just too much powerful. It not only helps you in remembering concepts with ease but also helps in your future careers as you are already an entrepreneur or scientist with the things you apply.
Apply the taught things
  • Read 1 page daily from each textbook - This rule should be followed everyday irrespective of whether you have a holiday or not. Just imagine if you read everyday 1 page then by end of the week you finish about half of the chapter and that to read thoroughly. Also it helps in planning ahead for you classes.
Read a page daily
  • Keep things Organized- This is a very great rule and applies to everyone irrespective of age or profession. In today's world of vast knowledge and applications only the organized have a upper hand,So stay organized in everything and act like you are a well mannered and disciplined prince.
keep things organized at studies
  • Do not skip meals- Can you force a machine to work without energy? Well obviously answer is no! It's very important that you eat because your brain is your CPU and without enough amount of RAM how can you play or run programs. It's as easy as saying you can't move an object without doing some work.
don't skip meals for studies
  • Play Daily- Those who play daily have an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm plus they never get bored. Scientific studies have shown that those who play outside daily do better in both studies and physical exercises due to powerful anti-oxidant network building mechanism in their body when compared to those who don't. Here by play we mean outdoor games and not computer games. 
play daily outside as a student
That's all hopefully this will help you tame your studies and become an exceptional student. Just follow these rules daily and become the master of your mind. The quote I would like to say at the end is " Become busier and at the end of the day you will have lots of time to spare

Let us know how was your experience with these 10 rules in the comment box below, you can also give your recommendations and tips to help make this article even better.
Happy Studying ! Happy success ! Happy reading!

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