Well this poem Genius wrote is more of like a song written to suit the Folk Rock music under cowboy style. The Poem depicts a funny scary encounter of a Black Magician and a Cowboy. The story usually being written in short formats, Genius thought why not write it in the form a song so that people can enjoy singing it too while having fun reading the enchanted encounter. The Sketch you see is made by me under the title "Capturing the Black Magic through Sketches".
 Currently we are working on the animated version of the Story, hope to show you the short movie soon. We suggest singing it along while enjoying reading the story-poem that Genius wrote :)

The Black Magician

Show your Hands now, it’s the magicians deal,
It's time to make some spell,
In the twilight, it's an awful evening,
Let's try my luck now as I show my hand

Magician speaks now; he can grant me a wish,
So I think now, I wish to become rich
The Magician chants a spell now,
In the twilight the skulls are laughing away

One more luck, one more touch,
Before I finally become rich,
The magician suddenly raises the hell fire,
Pouring gold dust everywhere,

Am in shock now as I am covered in gold now,
I can imagine now, walking outside the Wall Street,
Before I could leave, the magician cries,
Oh my dear friend this isn't for free,
You have to give away your life,

I curse the Magician for the stupid joke and run away,
As I reach home, I find my house in wreak,
Now how do you feel,
When Black Magic takes away all that,
You state for and now all is gone and faded away,

Now come out now I will be waiting outside the Wall Street,
In the cold black night,
I want you to speak now, don't pretend everything,
As the man you meet now is the same magician,

Where would you go when all that you state for 
Is fading away and gone, awful to believe,
One more luck, one more touch,
Before Magician finally takes you.
One Black Magic article is not enough.

                                                     ~ written by Genius knight

Hope you liked it ! :) Animated Version coming soon! Comment in the comment box as to what you think has happened? Who is this black magician? Isn't it similar to Ghostrider's story of soul contracting for a soul sacrifice? Comment below your depictions! :)
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7/31/2013 03:02:47 pm

Nice blog related to magician its so funny .By author put some poet related to magician its awesome.

8/3/2013 03:09:03 pm

Glad you liked it ! D Next time we will make sure to include a magician name too ! D


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